About us

Daydream Dessert is an organic, plant-based, vegan, and paleo friendly dessert company in Asheville, NC. Since 2015, we have been hand crafting artisanal chocolates, cakes and treats.
Daydream was created by Emma, who has had a love for sweets and baking since a young age. After studying nutritional sciences in college and experimenting with raw dessert creations, she wanted to share the delicious treats with the world.
Thanks to your support, Daydream moved from Boulder to Asheville in 2021 to a large manufacturing facility were we make our products fresh every day.
Daydream is working towards making the world a happier and healthier place by offering our all organic treats that are good for your body, mind and soul. Our business practices align with a deep love for our mother earth, and we hope to make a positive impact on the world.
Daydream donates a small percentage of profits towards global reforestation and works with companies such as One Tree Planted and 8 Billion Trees. We believe growing more trees are a big part of the solution to a more sustainable future. 
Please send us an email with any questions to contact@daydreamdessert.com
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