Toffee Cookies & Cream - A happy accident! Crunchy caramel and grain-free shortbread pieces in a vanilla cream, coated in dark chocolate.

Cashew Caramel - Chewy salted caramel in between creamy cashew butter layers, coated in dark chocolate.

Cookie Dough - Crunchy cacao nibs sprinkled into a luscious maple-sweetened cashew butter dough, coated with dark chocolate. A classic with a delightful crunch. Coated in dark chocolate.

Maple Butter - Sweet & salty vanilla-infused creamy nut butters. A smooth maple-rich toffee flavor that melts in your mouth. Coated in dark chocolate.

Chocolate Vanilla Ganache - Smooth, creamy, mylk chocolate ganache mingled with notes of vanilla and the perfect pinch of salt. Tastes like a royal glazed chocolate donut. Coated in dark chocolate.

Cookies ‘n Cream - Handmade cacao cookie crumbles folded into vanilla-enriched cashew cream. A childhood fave you’ll crave. Coated in dark chocolate.

Peanut Butter Manuka - Raw Manuka honey folded into salty, roasted peanut butter. A nostalgic bite with an added subtle & sweet sophistication. Coated in dark chocolate.

Holiday Specials

Spiced Caramel Shortbread - Cooked coconut sugar + mylk caramel on top a spiced baked shortbread cookie crust. Coated in dark chocolate.

Candied Hazelnut Crunch - Toasted and candied hazelnuts tossed with crunchy cacao nibs folded into vanilla cream, coated in dark chocolate.

 Eggnog Cheesecake - Tangy vanilla vegan cheesecake filling with nutmeg crumbles. Coated in dark chocolate.

Mint Cream - Layers of mint infused coconut cashew cream, on top a dark chocolate ganache for a smooth, minty, and festive treat!

Unique, wholesome chocolates to please your customers.

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