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Daydream Sampler #2

I really enjoyed this sampler. The Maple Butter was my favorite out of the four. It was so creamy and decadent. I also enjoyed the Almond Coconut flavor, but I wish it was softer and the almond pieces were chopped more into finer pieces. It was pretty hard to take a bite. The Cashew Caramel and Caramel Cookie were okay but they weren’t as rich as the other flavors.

Rose Butter & Caramel
Tammy Elliott

The rose butter and caramels were wonderful! Very tasty and can't wait to order again!

Strawberry Cheesecake Truffles
Love the cheesecake

I buy the valentines strawberry cheesecake each year. It is always a little different each year but amazing. I stock up so I can enjoy them for a while.


Creamy and yummy. Each chocolate was heavenly ❤️❤️❤️

Literally a dream

With each bite, I melted into these incredibly delicious and sinful chocolates. I even hid in my room so the kids didn't ask for even a bite. I'm not willing to share. These are my favorite because I'm a peanut butter kinda gal.

For my hubs

I ordered these for my hubby as his Vday chocolate and he LOVED them!! He's slowly been eating healthier and healthier since we got married, and now he's finally converted on the chocolate side. Woohoo! Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Maple butter is my absolute favorite 🤩

Maple butter is so smooth and creamy, tastes like a rich caramel with a light salty finish. 🤗😍


The quality of ingredients are obvious! I am very happy I bought these. You can taste each flavor in every bite. Very well done! I wish I purchased more.

Outrageously good!

These are outrageously good. They remind me of a butterfinger -- but better. I literally bought 6 more boxes because they absolutely will make me give up my junk candy habit and turn to these babies as my go to to satisfy my sweet tooth. Thank you for making it so easy to incorporate better eating into my life!


These are so wonderful and a perfect Sandler gift to see which flavors you want more of

Ammmazing 😇

It’s the perfect healthy butterfinger ❤️ I will literally buy this forever.. please keep this 🫶🏼

Everything I was hoping for!

I was hoping this would taste like a butterfinger candy bar and it does but better! I miss that candy bar since becoming gluten and dairy intolerant. This version tastes even better with quality ingredients. Trying not to eat the whole box. Addicting! Will be ordering these often :)

Better than Butterfinger

This is the best butterfinger bar ever! It has a wonderful flake and flavor. All with NO guilt. I have been a daydream fan for years but this is my absolute favorite!

Another win!

Once again, an amazing alternative to. Twix! Love the shortbread cookie, and the caramel is rich. It is different flavor because it's coconut sugar, but I actually prefer it!😍


These are incredible! A really indulgent alternative to butterfinger- I truly prefer it!

Peanut Butter Flake

We love this new flavor! Such a nostalgic flavor and texture. It's perfectly sweetened and so yummy!


My husband and l love these! They are such a treat and delicately made. They're a perfect crunch and perfectly sweetened.

So good!

This is a great truffle, a favorite of mine!! It is a better butterfinger.


I’ve never tasted a cookie dough truffle quite like this one! ITS HEAVEN ON EARTH! 🙌🏻

So delicious!

These are the perfect balance of richness and sweetness! They are delicious!

like a better butterfinger!

They are delicious. Great flakey texture. Like a grown up version of a childhood favorite!


In love with these cookie dough truffles and super impressed and excited about the new packaging. I've almost always loved the flavor of daydream truffles but often shipping made them arrive cracked or melted. Not anymore. These look and taste of extremely high quality chocolates but with even better ingredients!

A better butterfinger - a betterfinger?

I feel like I say this all the time, but this is truly my new favorite! It’s crunchy and peanut buttery and a little toffee-like and I’m pretty sure it makes my brain light up. Will 100% order again for myself and for friends!

Surprisingly delicious

These are some of my new favorites I wouldn’t have tried them except I got a variety box and these were surprisingly excellent. I’m usually not a fan of peanut butter filled chocolates but these are not to sweet.

Surprisingly tasty

I originally got these as part of a variety pack and then just fell in love with them they are a bit honey forward which I actually like and the texture is great firm and rich. I can usually only eat one at a time. But these are a favorite go to now!