dreams do come true

Daydream creates delicious and satisfying chocolate confections, made from all natural, organic, and wholesome ingredients. Our goal is to re-create the favorite treats we had growing up, but made to support a healthy body and mind.

We craft our chocolate truffles in the southern Appalachian mountains fresh each week.

Sweet Beginings

After finishing a degree in Nutritional Sciences and being disappointed by what was available in grocery stores, Emma set out to create delicious healthy treats. Inspired by whole, raw, plant based and minimally processed ingredients, she was amazed she could create satisfying recipes and wanted to share them.

In 2015 she packed up and moved out West to set up shop at the farmer's market in Colorado.

After years of practice, testing, feedback and learning how to scale food production with unconventional ingredients, Daydream now focuses in on online sales of chocolate confections; or basically the healthy version of the candy bars and other treats we had as kids.

Our mission is support those living a healthier lifestyle, support more eco-friendly (biodegradable and recycleable) packaing, and to spread bliss through our chocolates.